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Accommodation in Florence


The Michelangelo Institute takes care of its students’ lodging

during the period of their course in Florence and all recommended accommodation is comfortable and of guaranteed quality.


The student can choose the accommodation that best suits him and which the school will book for him from the day of his arrival in Florence.



All the school accommodation is situated in the historic centre of Florence.



accommodation in Florence


With a family                                               see the costs


Staying with a family the student lives in a friendly and sociable ambience. He has his own room, has breakfast and, if he so wishes, also dinner in the evening.


In an apartment with other students       see the costs


These are flats with single and double rooms, with a kitchen, bathroom and other common rooms. The apartments  are reserved exclusively for students of the School.


In an individual apartment                            see the costs

These are studios for the exclusive use of 1 or 2 people. They have a sleeping area, a living-room, the kitchen and a bathroom and are recommended to those who want to be completely independent.


At the  Hotel                                                 see the costs


They are in the centre, close to the School. They have been chosen for quality and for the courtesy of their staff and offer special prices for students of the School.




In the historic centre of Florence, where the school and the accommodations are  located, the most active aspects of city life take place all year round:


- Street markets, shops, supermarkets

- Theatres, cinemas

- Discos, pubs

- Museums, galleries

- Libraries, bookshops

- Gardens and parks

- Restaurants, cafés, bars, pizzerias

- Universities, cultural centres

- Artisans’ workshops, restorers

- Banks, post offices

- Travel agencies

- Gyms


See the map of Florence

italian courses

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